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What is quilting?

Quilting is the act of stitching layers of material together to make, usually, a bed cover. A quilt is typically made of two layers of fabric with a central layer of padding held by stiching. The stiches go with a pattern or based on a design.

The earliest quilting can be traced back to midieval times but has expanded as far as to india more eastern parts of the world.

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Throughout histroy, techniques of quilting have been passed down generations. A lot of times in the midieval period, quilting was used to create a light, yet warm, layer to put under armor to make it more comfortable.

Quilting was brought to America by immigrants. Many of the so-called Amish and 'traditional' quilt patterns adopted by the United States nowadays originated in Scotland, Wales, Northern England as well as Scandanvia.

American Traditions Quilting, A Symbol of Excellence:

Quilts have often been made and continue to be made to celebrate events in a person's life. A birth, a wedding, other events of that magnitude, rites of passage and women often made quilts for daughters who were having a child, or made quilts in anticipation of their own wedding, or someone else's wedding.

Many women in America and other places around the world, made crib quilts for their children, it was a natural thing to do, and also easier than making a large bed sized covering. It doesn't take a lot of fabric or time to make a quilt big enough to cover a crib. So this is something that became very common in mid-nineteenth century America and has continued up to the present day.

Cultural Significance:

Quilts are important to the home environment because they provide both beauty and warmth. They are primarily things that are made out of love. They're objects that people have made and continue to make for their families, for their loved ones, and particularly for children. Through the history of America and continues to the present day. Quilts bring together different materials, and textures, into a lasting piece of art. A celebration of life.


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