Standard Mattress Dimensions

Knowing standard mattress sizes will help you design and make a quilt that fits a bed just right.  The dimensions below are the actual mattress dimensions, not the quilt size.


Standard Mattress Sizes

            MATTRESS TYPE:                 DIMENSION IN INCHES

            Crib                                                28" x 52"

            Twin / Single                                 39" x 75"

            Full / Double                                  54" x 75"

            Long Twin*                                    39" x 80"

            Queen Size                                   60" x 80"

            King                                               76" x 80"

            California King                              72" x 84"

* NOTE:  Most college dorms use long twins

Mattress Depths

There are no standard mattress depths. Some mattresses are 9-10 inches deep, but many pillow top mattresses measure 15-16 inches in depth, or even more. Box springs and other bed components can make the mattress even higher.

If you're making a quilt for yourself it's much easier to consider all the bed size "what ifs." If the quilt is a gift, you can't even be sure which bed size it will ultimately be used on. When you aren't sure, consider making a quilt that would fit a queen mattress, the most popular bed size.

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